To be honest, there are some replica sites I just don’t trust for different reasons. But if I know for sure they’re not scammers I always give them the benefit of the doubt. Review Review

This is exactly the case with this site. I know they are not scammers but I also know their replica bags are not 1:1 Mirror Image of the original like they claim. And this YSL tassel bag replica is the perfect example for the saying “you get what you paid for”.

One thing’s for sure: replica handbags are cheaper than authentic designer bags. After all, that’s why we buy them in the first place! Still, it’s also true that some replica bags are more expensive than others. The price is not always a clue for the quality of the bag, but in the case of this Valentino Rockstud replica backpack it is. Review Review

This is the first review on the blog just because they’ve changed their site domain again, but they’re no strangers to the market.

It’s been a while since I last received a review and they even changed their site domain in the meanwhile. But it seems that what didn’t change is the bad quality of their replica handbags. Review Review

I wish I had found out better things about this site but this knock off Balenciaga bag is definitely not one of them!

There is a review here on the blog that didn’t do any justice to this site. While that Gucci replica bag was disappointing, this is a reliable replica site, especially if you’re on a budget. Review Review

So I was happy to see that this time it’s a good review. If you’re curious to see their Proenza Schouler PS1 replica, take a look here!

I own the classic replica Gucci Boston bag myself but I’ve always had a soft spot for the one made of black leather. It’s perfect for those who like the style of this bag but are not into obvious monogrammed replica bags. Review Review

So I was pretty curious to see the Gucci replica bag in this review but it didn’t take me long before I started seeing what’s wrong with it.


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