In the past years it has become a tradition for designers to add spooky, quirky or over the top handbags to their collections. But looking at these bags I can’t help wondering: would anyone buy these pieces if they found replica bags?

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

For designers it’s probably like a dare: who can make the weirdest, craziest bag this year? For us though it’s a choice if we actually decide to buy them.

You probably already know that fangfangbag is my go-to replica site for Balenciaga replica handbags and they haven’t disappointed me so far. I know from my own experience that good Balenciaga replica purses are even harder to spot because even the authentic bags have gone through so many changes that it get really confusing. Review Review

I received two Fangfangbag reviews from two friends of mine and they are both about Balenciaga replica handbags. I thought it would be a good occasion to see if there are any major differences from the original bags and discuss them.

I always see it as a dare to spot fakes especially when they are really good, but it’s a whole different thing when you come across a bag like this Celine replica Phantom bag. Review Review

I know that knock off Celine bags are extremely sought after and this is why I wrote a guide on how to spot a fake Celine bag to help you girls stay away from the many horrible bags that are all over the Internet.

This is not the first time I’m writing about Christian Louboutin replica shoes and unfortunately most of the Christian Louboutin replica reviews were bad because finding great replica shoes is much harder than finding good replica purses. Review Review

I understand the temptation to buy Christian Louboutin replica shoes, I really do! I mean, what girl doesn’t want a closet full of them? But if you do decide to buy a pair of replica shoes, you need to follow some essential steps first.

As announced, here is the post where you can vote for your favorite replica Louis Vuitton bag in the contest! You can vote for your own review, for a friend or just because you really like the bag, but whatever the case,  hurry up! You don’t have much time!

Vote For Your Favorite Replica Louis Vuitton Bag!

Vote For Your Favorite Replica Louis Vuitton Bag!

The voting system is very simple! You can vote only for one review in the contest so be careful to choose the right one in the option box. The voting will be closed on Tuesday, 21st October. You will find an update with the winner here.


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